Uke Sexy Thang

TUKUO has been touring for years in Europe. Last TUKUO delighted audiences in the USA in concert halls in Alaska, Washington, California, and in the north Connecticut, New York, North Carolina and Florida. It’s just unbelievable that such a small instrument can create an enormous sound. The mere sight alone promises curiosity: five men, two women, seated, with instruments on their laps which look like newly-hatched baby guitars. Ukulele orchestra is the name of this bizarre appearance and wherever it plays it elicits thunderous applause from audiences everywhere.

Nothing can stop this orchestra. With its bass, baritone, tenor, concert and soprano ukuleles, audiences will hear “Pirates of the Caribbean” by the famous Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer as well as Chic Corea’s “Spain”. After a Jazz number they easily swap to Mozart and are not afraid of playing Fleetwood Mac or Queen.. What actually happens on stage is the composition of virtually irreconcilable pieces of every musical direction: Jazz, Classic, Pop, Rock, Film scores and their own compositions. What makes the concerts so special is not only the professional playing on the miniature guitars but also the fact that these musicians are excellent singers and individual comedians who tease themselves in between their presentation at the same time.

The musicians of Peter Moss’ The Unique Komedy Ukulele orchestra (TUKUO) with their plucked and vocal sound will bring the concert halls to romp. Back by popular demand, TUKUO will tour the USA presenting “The Uke Sexy Thang Tour “ for 2017/18.

“Very English, very funny and just brilliant.”

Mannheimer Morgan, On The Bright Side

“The orchestra knows too well how to fascinate the audience. Besides the polyphonic singing of world hits they provide a great stage show. They don’t need any special effects, they just use small gestures and a well measured portion of British humour.”

Darmstädter Echo

“It is unbelievable what sound such a “Baby Guitar” can produce. It gets really bizarre when the orchestra starts to play their own made instruments for example a combination of a ukulele and a piano or a “garden hose trumpet”. This is pure music-fun.”

Hartmut Becker

“One can hardly stop being astonished by what these musicians elicit from their voices and their instruments. With the interspersion of bizarre dialogue and funny ideas the orchestra also delivers an entertaining show. …This is a presentation one could call musical cabaret …”


“During the evening the players didn’t only use their small instruments on stage but also their melodious voices. In doing so it seemed there were no style boundaries which would have been insurmountable for the British band.”

Maria Bierwald, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

“With the upbeat ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ the musicians took their leave after a fun-packed program of more than two hours, deservedly reaping all the classic facets of acclaim. They left behind a most happily entertained audience, who left the hall whistling.”

Melanie Gieselmann, New Westphalian Newspaper

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