The story of The Lennon Sisters is like an entertainment industry fairy tale. After hundreds of TV, film and live extraordinary productions they once again join together in a captivating program, intimately sharing with their audiences the captivating story of their professional experiences. Instead of a production they present a conversation with their audience, highlighted by singing and video examples.

The Lennon Sisters, Kathy, Janet and Mimi, warmly capture the hearts of their audience as they share their extraordinary life story, and sing their unmistakable harmonies. And through nostalgic videos, they reminisce about their illustrious career, in a new and exciting showcase.
Some highlights include:

  • Early Childhood – growing up in a family of 12 children

  • Early Television career- 13 years on The Lawrence Welk Show and their own ABC television show with Jimmy Durante

  • Guest appearances on hundreds of television specials & Las Vegas performances with such stars as Tony Bennett, Glen Campbell, and Andy Williams

  • Performing for 7 United States Presidents

  • Recording over 400 songs – selling over 1 million records

  • Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame & inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame

  • Featured on hundreds of magazines and top selling merchandise

  • Stories from their autobiography & PBS Special, “SAME SONG … SEPARATE VOICES”

  • Personal reflections, including the tragic death of their father

  • Headlining in Branson, MO for 25 years & still performing to sold out crowds all over the country

The Lennon Sisters History…

In 1955, four very young little girls – Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet Lennon – walked onto the stage at ABC Studios in Hollywood, California, and sang their way into America’s hearts.

Their first Christmas appearance on The Lawrence Welk Television Show welcomed them into millions of homes across America, where they literally grew up in front of their audience every Saturday night for 13 years. That showcase was the beginning of a career which would see them star in their own ABC television series, sing for seven U.S. Presidents, and perform with nearly every major star in Hollywood.

The Lennon Sisters recorded over 400 songs and have sold millions of recordings. They graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and endorsed numerous products from Maytag washers & dryers to Kellogg’s Cereal. They were fondly dubbed “America’s Sweethearts of Song”. Scores of young girls collected Lennon Sisters paper dolls, coloring books, novelettes, and other merchandise with their likenesses. They published their memoir, “SAME SONG SEPARATE VOICES”, which was the basis of their recent PBS Special by the same name.
The Lennon Sisters were awarded their own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and were inducted into the National Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

Younger sister Mimi joined Kathy and Janet in 1999, after Dianne and Peggy retired. This winter, the 3 Lennon Sisters will once again be appearing in the award winning Christmas Extravaganza at The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center with The Osmond Brothers. They will be celebrating their 24th year in Branson, Missouri.

The Lennon Sisters bring their glamorous style and gift of music to theatres all over the country. Each performance is filled with their unmistakable harmonies, video highlights of their fabulous career, and stories that will bring some laughs, some tears, and so much more.

Their instant stardom has lasted over 60 years …
The Lennon Sisters are” An American Institution”.

We have booked the Lennon Sisters seven times and we are seven for seven in terms of receiving outstanding feedback.  They put on a great show, they are a perfect match for the types of groups we book with which is primarily women’s clubs and town hall lecture series, and their entire team is easy to work with and make the show flow seamlessly.  We include them in every proposal we make to our clients and we look forward to working with them on future gigs.


Cassidy and Fishman Inc.

The presentation of their life story with slides and anecdotal recollection mixed with songs brought joy to our patrons.  Kathy, Janet and Mimi were delightful to work with and I would highly recommend their program. 

Lansing Town Hall

The Lennon Sisters appeared at Livonia, Michigan Town Hall in October 2015. We had one of the largest crowds, ever (460+ people) in our 50-year history, as a result, and sold many single performance tickets for that day.  The ladies were very warm, friendly, and funny. We loved hearing their stories of growing up in a large family and how they got their start.

Livonia Town Hall

Our audience loved them, they entertained us for an hour with their personal stories, interspersed with many of the tunes that they made famous. Many in our audience said it reminded them of watching the Lawrence Welk Show with family, sitting in their living rooms waiting for “the sisters” to appear.
They left us wanting more.


Port Huron Town Hall

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