They Have That Thing, ‘Cause They Have That Swing…

The George Gee Swing Orchestra deeply enjoys its hard-earned reputation as the swingin’-est, blowin’-est, heppest classic big band in New York City. In more than 30 years of playing for dancing feet, the George Gee Swing Orchestra band has developed a special bond with lindy hoppers all around the world.

First of all, the George Gee Swing Orchestra packs a lot of swing into compact songs and tight, well-organized sets. Long enough to catch a groove, and short enough to catch your breath!

Further, the band welcomes and encourages interaction with the dance floor.

“Dancers and musicians feed off each other to create a magical experience. Playing for lindy hoppers is a specific art and any bandleader worth his salt realizes that the moment he plays his first dancing event. Swing music is unlike pop, house or disco music styles, which are powered by electronics and drum machines. But human beings breathe, and swing music breathes. When you play for dancers, the art is trying to breathe in sync with the dancers. It’s a fine line. I tell my rhythm section: ‘Watch the dancers; your interaction is with those dancers.’ George says.

He recalls the words of his all-time idol and mentor, Count Basie: “ ‘If they are dancing, that’s the highest compliment they can give you.’ But if they are not dancing, I look for that single cat snapping his fingers, tapping his toes. Then I know we’re OK!’ ”

A George Gee Swing Orchestra show puts a priority on fun for everyone, offering versatile appeal. For example, audiences may be surprised when during a duet with Hillary Gardner, fellow vocalist John Dokes steps off the bandstand and onto the dance floor and swings out. And bandleader George always fires up the crowds with his onstage persona. Audiences laugh along with the hilarious call-and-response patter on gems like “Every Day I Have the Blues,” or dance along with the called-out steps of the Shim Sham routine during our rendition of “Tain’t Whatcha Do.”

Quincy Jones
Quincy Jonesproducer, actor, conductor, arranger, composer, musician
“George’s band sounds just like the original recordings. I should know, I produced many of them”
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett JohanssonMajor Motion Picture Actor
“George Gee and his fabulous musicians made the party!”
Magic Johnson
Magic JohnsonCelebrity Athlete
“George Gee towers above the competition”
Donny Most
Donny MostTelevision Actor (Best Known For Happy Days)
“I had the pleasure of performing with The George Gee Orchestra and they are fabulous! Can’t wait for “Happy Days” to be here again!”
Julianna Margulies
Julianna MarguliesTelevision Actor (Recently The Good Wife)
“Thank you George, for a wedding of dancing we will never forget!”
Bill Nye
Bill NyeScience Guy
“I love dancing to George Gee’s band. They really swing. And let me remind you – Swing Makes You Happy! and that ain’t rocket science!”

“My man Georgie has a bright future in the music business…”

— Count Basie, Late Renowned Band Leader

“The George Gee Orchestra is a perennial dancer’s favorite. We’ve had them perform time and again at Midsummer Night Swing and they never fail to bring the Swing!”

— Jill Sternheimer, Programming Dr., Lincoln Center of Performing Arts

“The Swingin’est band in the land”

— Frankie Manning, legendary Savoy dancer

“We have never heard a band that we would recommend more highly than The George Gee Orchestra”

— Nancy King, Mother of the Bride

“Razzle Dazzle entertainment New York City-style comes to Vegas, in only the way which George Gee can do! ”

— Josh Crame, Dr. of Operations, Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas

“George Gee is truly fantastic. They bring such a wonderful energy under George’s leadership and all of the musicians are incredibly talented. (They) wowed the crowd with their skills and got everyone on their feet”

— Amy Kirwan, Dr. of Programs, Southampton Arts Center

“You are always in good hands and on the right track with George Gee”

— Julia Malta-Weingard, Public Programs Producer, NY Transit Museum

“Two straight decades of music entertaining to discerning local and worldwide nightclub audiences and still going strong!”

— John Akhtar, Proprietor, SWING46 Jazz & Supper Club, Times Square, NYC

“George Gee and his musicians provide world-class “edu-tainment,” with insightful discussion connecting jazz performance with principles of management and leadership ”

— Professor Joann Baney, Columbia Business School, Executive Education

“George Gee – Ambassador of the Big Bands! Legendary dancers Frankie (Manning) and Dawn (Hampton) loved to hear him Swing weekly. What better acknowledgement can you get?”

— Ryan Francois, lindy hop choreographer (Broadway show “SWING” )

“ George Gee’s band not only played my wedding in 1982, but also for my daughter’s wedding in 2011! His amazing professionalism, enthusiasm and big band sound made our wedding an outstanding event ”

— Lee Bollinger, Bride & Mother of the Bride

“The Hollywood “In” crowd always attends, whenever George Gee visits the World-Famous Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles”

— Maxwell DeMille, Promoter, Cicada Club, LA, CA

“George Gee played for 15,000 enthusiastic music lovers at the “I Love Jazz Festival” in Rio De Janeiro. Not a single idle body was in sight!”

— Marcelo Teixeira da Costa, Executive Dr., I LOVE JAZZ Festival, Brazil

“George Gee knows Big Band Jazz and how to play for dancing!”

— Frank Foster, NEA Jazzmaster

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