The Cab Calloway Orchestra featuring
Alice Tan Ridley

The Ultimate Combo

Imagine walking into The Cotton Club in 1934, there is no comparison to the combination of a fabulous female singer and the Cab Calloway Orchestra. How incredible it would have been when the Peters Sisters took the stage for their session with The Cab Calloway Orchestra at the famed Jazz club. Now you can experience that same electrifying jazz combination as The Cab Calloway Orchestra under the direction of Cab Calloway’s grandson, Calloway Brooks, welcomes the featured artist Alice Tan Ridley.

If you’re not familiar with Alice Tan Ridley,  she boldly made herself known to the world when her phenomenal rendition of the Etta James classic, “At Last”, wowed the judges, blew away the audience, and caused the entire nation to take notice on the highly acclaimed variety show, America’s Got Talent. Ridley’s raw power and charm immediately resonated with the judges, and she was sent to Hollywood to compete in the finals. For many, this was their first exposure to Alice’s gifted abilities, despite her many years of experience as a singer. Millions of fans around the world viewed her performances on YouTube. Such a captivating performer could only go unnoticed by the masses for so long by staying underground. Alice was one of New York City’s best-kept secrets: a jewel kept hidden deep below the city in the subway platforms. For over 20 years, Alice supported her family with the money she earned by busking. At 58 years old, Alice was taking her craft out of the subways where she performed for 20 years and into the eyes and ears of the greater public.

Alice’s charismatic stage presence stretches well beyond her vocal abilities, making enamored crowds fall in love with her personality as she shares stories of her journey. Like Etta James, Diana Ross and Tina Turner, she is a long lasting Goddess of Soul, with enough personality, talent and a touch of funk to prove to be an unforgettable performer. As Howie Mandel said to Alice after her “At Last” cover: “you deserve to be heard by much more than everyone on the train”.

As if The Cab Calloway Orchestra, and it’s Jump, Jive and Swing weren’t enough to knock your socks off, the real knockout punch is the addition of Alice Tan Ridley. As an audience member stated, “You can’t put together a hotter show than this.” The combination is a total success in achieving audience pleasure. The orchestrations, the ensemble of top New York jazz musicians, and the powerful Ridley voice present an experience that continues to build to a climax that never fails to bring the cheering audience to its feet

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