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Major Touring Productions


Rhythm of the Yuletide Dance
Rhythm of the Yuletide Dance
Not Since The Nutcracker Suite Has There Been A Holiday Dance Extravaganza Like This!
Lake Of Dreams
Lake Of DreamsFusion of Celtic Dance & Ballet
A unique adaptation of the classical “Swan Lake” and the Irish folktale “The Children of Lir”
ARTRAGEOUS!Art And Music Gone Wild!
Dance and sing along while the cast of Artrageous paints larger than life art.
Battle Of The Big Bands
Battle Of The Big Bands
The Glenn Miller Orchestra VS. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. These two super groups battle for the trophy “Best Ever!”
A multi-media show featuring Broadway musical songs that were hits on the charts.
The Capitol Steps
The Capitol StepsPolitical Satirical Comedy
The Capitol Steps are the only people in Washington who attempt to be funnier than the politicians!
Pop Go The Classics
Pop Go The Classics
Experience Classical Music With A Twist Of Pop starring Mac Frampton and the ThreePenny Symphony.
That Mancini Magic!
That Mancini Magic!
A Tribute to Henry Mancini, enjoy Moon River, The Days Of Wine & Roses, Charade, Peter Gunn, The Pink Panther, and more…
TUKUO will tour the USA presenting “The Uke Sexy Thang Tour “ for 2017/18. Perfect Fun! Perfect Music! Perfect Komedy!

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