Mac Frampton

World Renowned Pianist

As a performer, for the better part of four decades and counting, Mac Frampton has realized his dreams. He’s played the huge arenas and the concert halls, soloed with the great orchestras, released scores of recordings. His number of return engagements is unprecedented.

Now, in the fullness of artistic maturity, a sought after arranger of choice, an experienced successful producer, and after nearly four thousand performances worldwide, Mac Frampton returns to his roots. At the keyboard of a concert grand piano, he demonstrates his passion to perform. Mac Frampton and his music – an unbeatable combination!

In addition to his attraction as a performer, Mac Frampton is in great demand as an arranger. The response he has had for the many programs he has produced for himself show how he has taken advantage of those talents, and his record of return engagements (some performing arts centers have presented ALL of his shows) demonstrate his success for presenters.

Shows Available From Mac Frampton

The Mac Frampton Show Solo/Trio

Mac At His Finest

Available with symphony orchestra. Mac Frampton can appear solo or with a trio.

The Mac Frampton Holiday Show

Christmas Joy

available with symphony orchestra . Celebrate the pageantry of stunning Christmas favorites.

Fanfare For The American Hero

Saluting America!

With an ensemble of 11 (including 2 singers), inspirational tribute to ordinary heroes using Broadway music, a concert performance that tells a compelling story – available with symphony orchestra.

That Mancini Magic

Henry Mancini!

With The Moon River Orchestra and vocalists – available with your symphony orchestra, using original Henry Mancini orchestration scores.

Pop Go The Classics

Classical Music!

With a twist of pop. Your audience will hear new creations of well known classical music.


As a boy, his dream was to play the piano just like Roger Williams. But this boy didn’t have his own orchestra. So he had to make do with two large hands and ten long fingers, creating his ‘orchestra’ as best he could, on a creaky old upright. How did Mac Frampton develop such a huge sound? Out of necessity. 

As a teen, he sought to be liked. Admired. So he entered a Key Club competition that took the small town Southern boy all the way to the big stage in Long Beach, California, where he received the top international award from the iconic Pat Boone. Where did Mac Frampton realize the undeniable passion to perform? On that stage in California.

As a young man, he yearned to have a career as a performer. The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition beckoned, where the great Van Cliburn listened to him and said, “You have a career.” 

How did Mac Frampton discover the world out there was waiting for his musical vision? From the encouraging words of a legend.

As a performer, for the better part of four decades and counting, Mac Frampton has realized his dreams. He’s played the huge arenas and the concert halls, soloed with the great orchestras, released over 25 recordings. His number of return engagements is unprecedented.

Mac Frampton has been guest soloist with such symphonies and orchestras as the Boston Pops, Mantovani, St. Louis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Atlanta. He’s shared the stage with Glen Campbell, Roberta Flack, and many others.

Dreams do come true and Mac continues to share his dreams with audiences world wide having performed over 4,000 concerts.

“An immensely talented pianist, at home in a wide variety of musical settings.”


“Mac Frampton is the one pianist who plays with his heart as well as his head.”


“How one man can bring the rafters down in Symphony Hall, as if a full orchestra were playing, is a feat in itself. It’s consummate musicianship. Electrifying!”


“The Ball and your music have been the talk of Washington! It was the best orchestra we have ever had.”


“…very impressed with the professionalism and beauty of the performance. This is the first time I’ve seen a performance receive two standing ovations – intermission, and at the end.”




”Think of Horowitz mixed with Liberace and an ounce of Victor Borge, and you’ve got the picture.”


“Absolutely wonderful! Standing ovation at intermission plus three after the show.”


“A musical roller-coaster of a ride that no one wanted to end.”

- THE JOURNAL, Sturgis, MI

“One of the finest shows we have ever presented. Wonderful pace and first rate musicians across the board.”

- ARTS COUNCIL, Springfield, OH

“…I recommend Frampton shows to any presenter!”


“Mac Frampton is colossal – both impressive and heaps of fun, a combination that is hard to deliver. If there is any justice in the world, Frampton will become a household name. He really is that good.”


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