Dance is a performance art that is an expression of the human emotion. The many forms of dance reflect the range of those emotions. Dance is a natural and integral part of all cultures.

‘The Lake of Dreams’ combines two dance styles in a unique new way displayingthe graceful and aesthetic ballet expression with the raw and powerful traditional Irish forms.

The story of ‘The lake of dreams’ is loosely based on the classical ‘Swan lake’ and the Irish folktale ‘The Children of Lir’, both fantasy stories which are common to many cultures.

The Music by Galway Composer Carl Hessionis based on a story by Lyricist Jackie Murphy. The music is Choreographed by Anatoly Amelianov and Gemma Carney and is presented by The National Dance Company of Ireland

Lake of Dreams uniquely fuses two of the most popular forms of dance in theatres today, Celtic Irish Dance and Classical Ballet.

Choreographed by two of the greatest dancers and choreographers in their respective spheres; Anatoly Emelianov formerly of the Bolshi Ballet and founder of the Royal Moscow Ballet and Gemma Carney, former Dance Captain in Riverdance.

Classical Ballet

Lake of Dreams brings the very best of Classical Russian Ballet talent. The powerful grace of the our classical ballet dancers combine perfectly with our powerful Irish Dancers to create a show like no other.

The Royal Moscow Ballet, “The Crown of Russian Ballet” and their fabulous choreographers, rich heritage in classical ballet and world class dancers have come together with the traditional Irish dancers from the National Dance Company of Ireland for this unique show. The Royal Moscow ballet is well known for both its faithful classical productions and inspiring re-imaginings of classical ballet themes. Anatoly Emelianov ‘Knight of Second Dyaghilev Order’ and lead choreographer with the Royal Moscow Ballet worked closely with Dane McKiernan of The National Dance Company of Ireland to bring a visually spectacular performance worthy of Carl Hession’s original music.

Irish Dance

The distinctively powerful, rhythmic driving step dance form for which Irish Dancing has become world renowned contrasts and blends with the graceful strength of classical ballet. In Lake of Dreams you will see this unique blend brought to its full artistic potential.

There are vague references to the early history of Irish dancing but evidence shows that its first participants were the Druids. They danced in religious rituals honoring their pagan gods. Around 400 A.D., after the conversion to Christianity, the new priests adopted the pagan style of art in creating their beautiful manuscripts, and the peasants kept the pagan style of music and dancing. Over the centuries Irish dance evolved a number of forms such as jigs, reels, hornpipes, sets, half sets and polkas performed today. Solo dancing, or step dancing, first appeared at the end of the eighteenth century. Today Irish Dance is a vibrant competitive art form with Irish dancing competitions worldwide and through Ireland with dancers competing for Irish and world titles.


The story is set in an old Celtic Castle in the Kingdom Of Dunnockbrae.

King Robert and Queen Margaret are anxious that their son, Prince Edin, should consider marriage for the future of the Kingdom, and set about trying to arrange prospective brides. The Prince meets several ladies but is not overly impressed with any. On the advice of his friend, Lachlan, he pays a visit to the Court Magician, Calder, and asks if there’s anything he can do.

Calder explains that he can bring him to the lake of dreams where, with the aid of his magic potion, he can see the woman of his dreams and if it’s meant to be, then Calder can produce the magic to bring her to the real world. The Prince is excited and wants to make it happen. Calder brings the young Prince to the Lake of dreams where he gives him the potion that allows him to enter his dream world. The swans on the lake transforminto beautiful dancers and interact with Edin. He falls in love with Annella.

On awakening from the dream they return excitedly to the Castle where he tells the king and Queen his great news. It is well received by all , except Balgair, the Court Advisor, who has always harboured plans for overthrowing the present monarchs and taking power for himself. When Balgair learns that Calder the Magician has helped Edin, He threatens to use his power and influence against the Magician unless he is willing to co-operate with a new plan. Calder reluctantly agrees.

The plan is to switch Annella for Lexi, her evil twin, who will be under Balgairs control. When the Prince returns with his future bride he is unaware that it is Lexi he is presenting. Her behaviour is shocking and all are surprised at Edins choice and Edin himself is baffled. When he privately explains to Calder that something must have gone wrong, Calder breaks down and confesses to what has just happened. Prince Edin, Calder and Gibby the Jester and his best friend Lachlan now plan a counter move against Balgair. They first of all visit the lake with Lexi and make the switch which brings back the real Annella.

On the day of the wedding, Balgair is planning to poison the Prince and his parents. He gives the first chalice of poison wine to Annella (who he thinks is Lexi) and tells her to bring it to the prince. Calder and Gibby the Jester create a diversion and it is Balgair who ends updrinking the poison wine. The couple celebrate their wedding and the future of the Kingdom is secure.

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