Double Grammy Winner…

Jack Jones is an amazing communicator to all mankind expressing the basic innocence in each of us by simply reminding people, through song, that they are loved. A double Grammy winner, Jack performs around the globe to sold-out audiences in venues ranging from Jazz clubs to the London Palladium. From the thematic threads of his shows to his ability to make the largest halls intimate, Jack Jones is the very definition of a complete and total entertainer. Whether he performs with his trio or full Symphony orchestra, his musical perfection, vocal passion, phenomenal breath control and impeccable phrasing all unfailingly illustrate why he stands with the luminaries. There is only one Jack Jones.

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“People need to be told that they’re loved.”

“My parents were wonderful performers. However, they hoped I would pursue a less precarious profession.”

“Jack is one of the major singers of our time.”

- Frank Sinatra

“the greatest ‘pure’ singer in the world”

- Mel Torme

” Jack Jones is still one of the coolest song stylists in show business. Jack Jones is part of a vanishing breed who is still in a class by himself. “

- Rex Reed, The New York Observer

“Miraculously, he keeps his balance through the entire show, managing to be up close and personal yet at the same time hitting stratospheric high notes that only dogs can hear and holding them until the cows come home.”

- Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal

“Jones has still got it! … his pipes are in great shape, and he knows how to work his voice around a note—high, low or in-between with a sweetness and a purity singers half his age would be happy to achieve. “

- Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes

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